You Just Never Know…

For me, a research rabbit hole can come from anywhere or anything. It can start with a line in a newspaper article, the off-hand mention of a name in a YouTube video, or even a book in the free bin. The free bin is where I came across one of my favorite serendipitous research subjects,Continue reading “You Just Never Know…”

Gwynne Forster (1922-2015)

There were a number of people who donated their manuscripts to the Browne Popular Culture Library who I wish I’d had a chance to met while they were alive, but Gwendolyn Johnson-Acsadi, who wrote as Gwynne Forster, is at the top of the list. The North Carolina native with degrees from Howard and American UniversitiesContinue reading “Gwynne Forster (1922-2015)”

Lucy Agnes Hancock (1877-1962)

The nurse romance- the story of a woman committed to caring for others finally finding love for herself- has long been a popular sub-genre, going back to the early part of the 20th century. Today, Harlequin publishes these stories though its Medical Romance line, but for many years they were simply integrated into the HarlequinContinue reading “Lucy Agnes Hancock (1877-1962)”

Elsie B. Washington (1942-2009)

I’ve written a lot about Elsie B. Washington over the past several years, on social media and elsewhere, so I’m not going to highlight a single Twitter thread here. Today I wanted to focus on some of Elsie’s media appearances that I think add to her story. If you need a starting point on ElsieContinue reading “Elsie B. Washington (1942-2009)”

Rubie Saunders (1929 – 2001)

(original June 2020 Twitter thread) One of the great things about writing these blog posts as an independent scholar is the ability to say “I don’t know”. I don’t know much about Rubie Saunders. There is precious little written about her, but she certainly left a mark. A 1950 graduate of Hunter College, she joinedContinue reading “Rubie Saunders (1929 – 2001)”